If you've found yourself searching for a beer up in Philadelphia – and we strongly recommend you do some time – you've likely made use of Philly Tap Finder, the handy dandy beer location tool.  Well, the founder/president is in DC for a few months and is considering expanding into our market.  To do so, though, he'd need to find the right person(s) to run point locally.  Is it you?

From a PTF release:

TapFinder.  A website for locals, run by locals.  We’re lookin’ at you, DC, and we’re hiring.

PhillyTapFinder has been going strong in Philly for about four years now.  PhillyTapFinder is the bridge between the bars and the consumers, connecting the bars’ craft beer drafts lists to the consumers’ desires.  The company is doing great.  Operations are running smoothly.  We are routinely adding new features.  Bar membership is regularly increasing.  Our user base continues to grow.   We have become the go-to craft beer resource for the Philly beer scene.

Now is the time to expand and DC is the perfect fit.  We understand the importance of running a local business using local talent.  Every city is different.  We get that.  That’s why we’re looking for a DC local to team up with is to handle the day-to-day operations of DCTapFinder.com.  TapFinder is a website for locals, run by locals.

So I assume that running DCTapFinder means going from bar-to-bar and drinking delicious craft beer, you ask?  Well, not exactly (but there should be some of that, of course).  These would be your main responsibilities as the DC brand ambassador:

  • Assist in getting DCTapFinder launched.
  • Work with the bars in maintaining updated tap lists on the site (We believe in taking the burden off of the bars as much as possible.  They send us the info.  We do the inputting.).
  • Sell memberships and advertising.
  • Post info about special tappings, events, and tap lists to social media.
  • Market at bars, events, and beer festivals.

The position would require about two to three hours per day with flexible hours.  The position is paid an hourly rate plus commission incentives for membership and advertising sales.

If you are interested, please email Jared at hireme@dctapfinder.com by Monday, November 3rd.  Your email should include a couple paragraphs about why you are a good candidate.  Please also attach your resume.