Your Thursday workday is coming to an end, and it's time to pick a place to meet your friends. Remember the last time you let someone else be in charge and the closest thing to beer came in a shiny purple can and included the word ‘o-rita’? This time, follow this handy checklist for a successful evening out:

  1. Check out BeerMenus.com on your phone
  2. Browse the beer menus of your local spots
  3. Find your favorites
  4. Tell your friends
  5. Become their beer-o (aka: beer hero)

BeerMenus includes over 11,000 bars, restaurants, and beer shops from all over the country (so you can find great places both at home and on the road!) and a database of 52,000 beers. Search for your favorite brew to find it near you, or browse places nearby to see what they’re serving and make sure you're going to drink what you love.

Scion, 2100 P Street NW, one of many DC bars and restaurants using BeerMenus.

With BeerMenus, you can also follow your favorite beers to get notified when they pop up at places near you, or follow your local spots to get notified when they update their menu.


To make your Thursday planning go just a little bit faster, may we suggest the following 14 no-fail options serving up some of the best craft beer selections in and around the District:

You have awesome craft beer spots, D.C. See what they've got for you at BeerMenus.com.

(If you don’t see your favorite place, you can ask them to sign up for a free account.)

Use the BeerMenus mobile site on the go, and sign up to be notified as soon as the app launches!

All three Pizzeria Paradiso locations use BeerMenus.com