Much has happened in DC and Maryland over the past week, and we're here to catch you up on it.

First, Denizens Brewing Company is now open in Silver Spring, MD. They are currently pouring Southside Rye IPA, and it's bring your own food until the get the BBQ up and running. The beer is also on tap at Republic in Takoma, MD, and Denizens is pouring other local craft beers as well.

1115 East West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Next month, the reincarnated Bardo will open in the Trinidad neighborhood of Northeast DC. They just passed their final inspection, and have grain and hops on site. They'll start brewing within the next ten days or so. Look for a mid-to-late August tapping. Bardo remains open for cornhole and is pouring other craft breweries in the meantime. 

Pints on Premises. On Monday night, the DC City Council passed a budget for 2015, which includes granting the ability for DC breweries to sell pints on location to the rest of us, seven days a week, from 1 to 9pm, after going through some additional licensing. This law follows one passed in Montgomery County (note Denizens taking advantage of that), while Port City in Alexandria has been able to sell pints at its brewery since 2013. Dave Coleman, co-owner of 3 Stars Brewing, helped push this law through and is evidently eager to reprise some parts of his prior job, when he was beer director and head bartender at The Big Hunt. This time he'll be slinging suds he helped make instead of other craft breweries, though. As the law only covers the sale of what's brewed on premises, he cannot make you a mojito, even if you ask nicely.


While Coleman reconfigures the 3 Stars tasting room to include a proper bar, Atlas Brew Works has had one since opening, and was paying for daily permits to serve pints on Saturdays. Thanks to the new law, they'll also apply for the pints on premises license. Quote founder Will Durgin,

We are thrilled with the new legislation and will certainly take advantage of it as soon as we are licensed and staffed appropriately. When we built our bar we did it with the eventuality of pint sales in mind.  We anticipate brewery visitors will enjoy the opportunity to consume our beer in the quantity we intend rather than be limited to a few ounces of each beer.

DC Brau may take advantage of this change in law at a later date, according to its president, Brandon Skall. Keep in mind that this law does not take effect immediately, it's pending licensure, and please travel responsibly to and from the breweries.