Things are coming up DC brews lately.  Yesterday, we shared the news that DC Brau is closing the tasting room this weekend in order to install a buch of tanks.  Today, it's 3 Stars that announces the completion of a major expansion project.  From a press release:

The guys behind DC’s 3 Stars Brewing Company are at it again! After less than 2 years of having beer in market, they are putting the finishing touches on an expansion that will allow them to increase production volume by over 300%. This expansion project has taken place over the past 6 months, and they have over doubled the brewery’s fermentation capacity. The expansion is now fully on-line, allowing 3 Stars to continue its ongoing growth and further develop local partnerships. The main component of the expansion is the addition of multiple fermentation tanks affording an increased number of brew days and elevated production volumes. Additionally, there is a new bottling machine now on-line allowing for the opportunity to package product for off premise sales. The other main component of the expansion is a huge push on barrel aged beers. In 2013 the brewery aged around 600 gallons of beer in a combination of bourbon, red, & white wine barrels. In 2014 the projected volume of barrel aged beer is in the neighborhood of 2000-3500 gallons. This increased focus on barrel aging reflects the brewery’s desire to continue to innovate and push the envelope on craft beer and custom cellaring.  

In order to manage this increase in production and ensure continued growth, 3 Stars has added a 3rd member to the senior management team. Mike Dee, the new Director of Sales, has been in the beer, wine, and spirits sales world in DC for years. Mike brings with him the skill sets, relationships, and market knowledge to ensure 3 Stars continued growth in the Mid-Atlantic and beyond.