Name: White Street Brewing Company

Location: Wake Forest, NC


Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: No


What you need to know: White Street is another newbie to SAVOR, having opened in 2012 in Wake Forest, the town’s first brewery. The brewhouse is in a converted car dealership and is open to the public, no walls or windows between the brewers and the people. By their own account, White Street is an experience and destination in the town's arts and entertainment district. White Street calls its steel tanks the sexiest in town and has the tagline of “big time beer, small town soul.” They know how to write an About Us section! White Street will be bringing two of their “standard” beers to Savor: Hoptimist IPA and White Street Scottish Ale. With IPA being a standard bearer for most new breweries, Hoptimist could be a signal of things to come for White Street. Though pales may be in a crowded field at SAVOR, Hoptimist could be worth a try. As for the Scottish Ale, White Street will be in a more limited crowd around the National Building Museum. My suggestion: try White Street Scottish Ale alongside Founders Backwoods Bastard. You’ll get two Scottish styles, the latter being barrel aged. Enjoy White Street and maybe you can say you “tried them when…”

Beer #1: White Street (Kolsch/ 5.2% ABV)

In Their Own Words: The White Street Kolsch-style Ale pours an old-gold with a fine, white head. A subtle fruitiness aroma extends to the palate with hints of pear and melon. Crisp and refreshing.
5.2% ABV, 23 IBUs

Food Pairing: Pork Belly Brioche

Tasting Notes: Toasted brioche topped with pork belly braised in orange and cinnamon. Served with cabbage, radish and apple slaw.

Our Thoughts: Kolsch was a very popular style a few years ago.  It is still one of my go-to styles when sitting on my porch or at Wolf Trap.  It is on the light and refreshing side.  The fatiness of the pork belly may overwhelm the brightness of the Kolsch.  However, burgers and Kolsch are about as good as it gets.  This pairing is pretty close to a burger.  And Germans love their pork.  And Kolsch.  Bacon-wrapped Kolsch!

Beer #2: Hoptimist (IPA/7.5% ABV)

In Their Own Words: White Street's Hoptimist IPA is a hop showcase that spares no expense to impart a positive outlook to the most discerning hop heads. This glass-half-full IPA has notes of pungent citrus and earthy resins with an uplifting malt balance. 7.5% ABV, 65 IBUs

Paired with: Brie Tartlet

Tasting Notes: Pastry shells filled with brie, saffron and a touch of brown sugar.

Our Thoughts: Though there are a lot of detractors, I am a believer in pairing soft cheeses with IPAs.  I also believe that if you don’t frequently use the words beer and tartlet in the same sentence, you’ve missed the boat.  Give it a try with this pairing.  IPAs with dessert is a fairly new concept.  One I can get behind.  Pass the tartlet; I am hoptimistic about this pairing. 

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