Name: Newburyport Brewing (NBPT Brew)

Location: Newburyport, MA


Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: No


What you need to know: What you need to know: Newburyport was founded in 2012 by Bill Fisher and Chris Webb. The gentlemen decided to start a brewery while they were watching their Boston Bruins win Lord Stanley’s Cup. Bill and Chris are joined in the brewhouse by Mike Robinson. Mike was the Sam Adams Longshot winner in 2009 and was named New England’s homebrewer of the year. Newburyport’s mission statement Is three fold: using the best ingredients in the world to brew amazing beer, sharing NBPT and its rich seaport history (the Coast Guard was founded here), and going on adventures with great beer in a can. If you go to the brewery, you can even listen to local funk bands! Though Newburyport will be one of the newest breweries at SAVOR, they are worth a try. The Belgian white and pale ales Newburyport is bringing could be a refreshing respite from the sours, stouts, and quintuple IPAs.  

Beer #1: Plum Island Belgian White (Witbier / 5.4% ABV)

In Their Own Words: An unfiltered witbier with hints of citrus & coriander. This "partly cloudy" ale features slight citrus and spicy aromas complemented by mild sweet pilsner and wheat malt tastes. Our friends in Belgium would be proud of us.

Food Pairing: Paired with Hamachi Crudo

Tasting Notes: Thin slices of Hamachi with finely diced cucumber, radish and bok choy. Finished with a black pepper vinaigrette

Our Thoughts: Witbiers with shellfish (mussels steamed in Hoegaarden) is a well publicized pairing.  This pairing takes the fish out of the shell, slices it thin, and stops it with some bitterness.  I like the idea of a slight pepper flavor with a witbier.  Don’t get a plate with a lot of radish.  That could be flavor overload.  A crashing of the Atlantic and Pacific.  These beers are not distributed here so give them a try while you can.

Beer #2: Newburyport Pale Ale (Pale Ale/5.5% ABV)

In Their Own Words: A well-balanced beer for smooth sailing. Refreshing, lightly carbonated and slightly citrus-y with a light toasted sweet malt finish. If you’re looking for a drinkable, flavorful ale, rope up to the bollards and enjoy.

Food Pairing: Duo of Compressed Melon with Yuzu

Tasting Notes: Honeydew and cantaloupe melon pressed sous vide with yuzu and lemongrass

Our Thoughts: An all-American style from New England with an Asian pairing?  That’s right.  I would typically pair lemongrass with a saison but this could be just fine.  This certainly should be a trip through the spiced orange grove.  On a sailboat.  On the 4th of July.

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