Exciting news from Falls Church's My Local Homebrew Shop (myLHBS), which is seeking an exciting tagline for their store-branded growlers.

This is their first "CrowdSource" project. In an email, owner Derek Terrell writes, "We need your help. Right now we have a store pint glass and a t-shirt but we don't have a really cool growler. In fact we have no store-branded growlers at all. And that just won't do."
Consequently, they'd like the local craft beer community to come up with a cool tagline for their growlers.
Here are the parameters:
"1. [The tagline is] limited to about one short sentence. It can be a statement, a phrase (not in commercial use), a turn of words, a play on styles. But nothing attributed to Franklin that I've already seen on tattoos. 

2. Has much more to do with beer and/or the enjoyment derived from it than homebrew. Keep in mind the winning tagline will appear under our logo so we want something that embodies the awesomeness of beer. Not homebrew. We have that part covered."

Here are the details:

To submit your entry, tweet @myLHBS or way better yet email them at info@mylhbs.com. So get your drinking caps on and go, go, go!