Welcome to The Mash-In! This feature is a hodgepodge of contributions from our staff that we hope you enjoy.

Special Announcement

SAVOR, the Brewers Association's annual tribute to food and beer pairing, returns to Washington, DC this year on May 9-10. Tickets for SAVOR go on sale this week. Tuesday, the pre-sale for BA/AHA members occurs. Tickets for the general public go on sale at 12p EST on Wednesday, March 25. Tickets this year are $135. For all of the information you could possibly want about buying SAVOR tickets, click here. Remember, DCBeer is your source for information about SAVOR Week events, brewery profiles, and the beers you just can't miss out on at the big event!

Price Point Quick Check

Each edition of The Mash-In we’ll check in at various beer shops and compare prices on beer. This edition’s beer is DC Brau's The Public Pale Ale.


Seen The Public around town? Of course you have. Let us know what prices you're seeing in the comments!

Upcoming Beers/New to the Area

Upcoming Event Spotlight
We’ve picked out an event that caught our eye. To see even more events check out our calendar at bit.ly/dcbeercalendar!

Join DCBeer and Boulevard as we host a tweet-up this Thursday, March 27 at GBD in Dupont Circle. Boulevard lead brewer and Twitter personality Jeremy Danner will be in town, and a number of Boulevard Smokestack beers will be on draft for your sampling pleasure. Draft list: Tank 7, 80-Acre, Chocolate Ale, Imperial Stout, Grainstorm Black Rye IPA, Rye-on-Rye. Come meet others in the #dcbrews community, chat with your DCBeer writers, and partake of GBD's excellent happy hour specials.
Reader Email
No specific email to call out this week, but we have gotten a number of readers who have reached out volunteering to help us with our SAVOR Brewery Profiles (which commence April 1). It's going to spread the burden a lot because these readers reached out. So just as a PSA, interested in writing, even occasionally for the site? Reach out to us, we're always happy to hear story ideas! Cheers and thanks for reading!
Recent Beer We’ve Liked

Be on the lookout for Bluejacket's Twit, a witbier with a pronounced Lactobacillus character to it. Incredibly refreshing and fruity, with Lacto's signature tang, this is going to be an amazingly popular beer over the summer. The brewing team at Bluejacket debuted this beer at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's Brewer's Ball 2014. After aging it in a horizontal fermenter with Lactobacillus for four days at high heat, they pumped the beer back up to the kettle, boiled it, added hops and spices, and then added witbier yeast. We've heard that it will be tapped at the brewery this week, so be sure to check it out!

Jukebox Headboppers
You know that moment. That moment when you’re drinking the right beer at the right bar and the right song comes on and you can’t help but bop your head and go, “Oh yeah.” We’re capturing those moments for you right here.

Beer: Robinson’s The Trooper ESB
Song: All My Friends are Dead – Turbonegro (Be advised, the video above is quite loud and…assertive.)
Venue: Kuma’s Corner, Chicago, IL (DCBeer Roadtrip edition)

Non-Beer Read of the Week
Because sometimes you want something non-beer while you beer.

Deadspin – "We Have Found The Worst March Madness Bracket Ever"

Is your NCAA Tournament bracket hopelessly ruined after what was a supremely entertaining Round of 64? It cannot be possibly be as bad as the one featured here. Take solace in the fact that you'll always be, at worst, second to last in the bad bracket category.

/Facepalm’able Craft Beer Venue Yelp Reviews
Yelpers can’t help it, sometimes they write things in their reviews that are nonsensical. We will keep an eye on Yelp reviews of craft beer venues across the city and report back with anything of note. 

The weird thing about bars, restaurants, any retail venue, really, is that they can only sell you the things that they have in stock. This can make things difficult when you order things that are out of stock or that a particular bar doesn't carry at all. Take this review from December of The Big Hunt.
"We asked for one beer and the server would tell us what they had instead it was kinda weird."
Kinda weird indeed.

Tweet of the Week

#DCBrews Photo of the Week
Take great photos? Of your dog? Good for you. Take great photos of the goings-on of the #dcbrews scene? That’s more like it. Tweet/Instagram @dcbeer or tag your post #DCbrews and you may find your photo right here.

Co-founder of Great Raft Brewing and DCBeer editor emeritus, Andy Nations, during a collaboration brewday at Bluejacket.


And on that note, we’ve finished with this edition of The Mash-In. Let us know what you thought in the comments! Until next time, don’t forget to close your tabs and tip your bartenders. Cheers!

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