As our site’s name implies, we consider DC home, but there’s another side to our fair city.  I speak of Washington: DC’s political twin, the seat of government, home to monuments and backroom deals.

Matt Laslo is well-acquainted with the latter.  As a reporter covering Congress since 2006, he’s traced the many ways the Federal government influences and interacts with the rest of us.  Back when he arrived in town, he reported on a change in ethics laws that made it much more difficult for legislators to receive free beer from constituents.  Laslo, a craft fan himself, soon discovered that many lawmakers were homebrewers and proud patrons of their hometown breweries.

Thus began the idea for Bills and Brews, a web series set to launch tomorrow.  The project uses beer as context for a frank, informal discussion with America’s political players.  The interviews take place over a beer, often at a DC bar or brewery, with political spin dialed down as low as possible.   Episode one features Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR), a well-known supporter of craft brewers, playing cards with Laslo.

Each episode will be presented in a variety of formats: a five to ten minute video will serve as a synopsis, while the series’ two main audiences (beer drinkers and wonks) can watch longer segments delving into the issues nearest their hearts.  Think tax structures, import laws, and distribution.  And just to keep all cards on the table, the full conversations will go up as podcasts.

While Bills and Brews aims for a national audience, DC will play a prominent role, so look for your favorite barstool or tasting room to make an appearance.  Laslo hopes that, come campaign season, B&B can hit the trail and feature breweries from every corner of America.


For now, though, things are just getting underway.  Follow @BillsandBrews for updates and tune in tomorrow for episode 1.