DC Beer Week 2013 returns from August 11-18. Although we have day-by-day line-ups posted, it may also be helpful for the #DCBrews community to check out what some players that are going above and beyond will be offering. Here are the events being sponsored by DC Brau Brewing Company. For more of DCBeer's DCBW coverage, click here.

Sunday, August 11 4:00 PM – Exquisite Corpse Beer Release – Pizzeria Paradiso (Dupont) and Meridian Pint – 2003 P Street NW / 3400 11th Street NW

To celebrate DC Beer Week DC Brau, Stillwater, Meridian Pint, & Pizzeria Paradiso came together to assemble a beer based on the old Surrealist parlor game "Exquisite Corpse." The game, invented by Surrealists, has players write, in turn, on a sheet of paper, fold it to conceal part of the writing, and then pass it to the next player for a further contribution. This technique produces a disjointed, surreal collaborative effort.
The recipe follows the rules of this game. Each participant chose his respective part without the knowledge of the others’ choices. Greg Jasgur of Pizzeria Paradiso chose the grain bill, Sam Fitz of Meridian Pint the hops, Brian Strumke of Stillwater the yeast. Brewed by Jeff Hancock at DC Brau, the resulting beer is a sessionable, Mosaic dry-hopped, rye Saison.
The beer will debut Sunday, August 11 at Meridian Pint and Pizzeria Paradiso Dupont Circle. To celebrate the collaborative beer the two restaurants will produce a four course beer dinner exemplifying the Exquisite Corpse technique. Patrons can chose to start at Meridian Pint or Pizzeria Paradiso Dupont Circle for their first two courses, one paired with a Stillwater beer the other with The Exquisite Corpse. For the next two courses patrons will then venture to the other restaurant for another round of pairings, one with a DC Brau beer and the other with The Exquisite Corpse.
Tickets for this event include two paired courses at Pizzeria Paradiso Dupont Circle between 4 -7pm and two at Meridian Pint between 7-10pm. Patrons can show up any time they chose within the three hour windows, as tickets do not include a reservation time. Tickets for the alternative direction can be purchased here. (Transportation between the two restaurants is left up to the patrons.)

Monday, August 12 at 7:00 PM –  Heurich’s Lager Release Party at Heurich House – Heurich House Museum – 1307 New Hampshire Avenue NW
This August, the Heurich House Museum, DC Brau Brewing Company, and the DC Homebrewers will offer the city a taste of the iconic Chr. Heurich Brewing Company! We will launch Heurich’s Lager, a historical recreation of Heurich's pre-prohibition beer, during an intimate fundraiser on August 12 at the Heurich House Museum.  Guests will be the first Washingtonians to taste Heurich's Lager in at least 60 years.  

Admission includes:


Cocktail attire requested.

Jeff Hancock and Brandon Skall from DC Brau, as well as the DC Homebrewers who created the beer, Mike Stein, Pete Jones, and Joshua H. Hubner, will be on hand to discuss their creation.  Heurich's granddaughter, Jan Evans, will also be in attendance.

About Heurich's Lager:

Just as most DC residents are closely acquainted with DC Brau today, there was a time in recent history when many Washingtonians knew of Christian Heurich, his successful Foggy Bottom brewery, and his iconic mansion below Dupont Circle.  The last time anyone tasted a Heurich beer was 1956, the year his brewery closed and made way for the Kennedy Center.  The Chr. Heurich Brewing Co. had been the District’s last production brewery, and no others existed in the city until DC Brau opened in 2011.  Heurich’s legacy survives at his former mansion, the Heurich House Museum, which today displays the Heurich family’s original furnishings and decorations, as well as the home’s original state-of-the-art technology.

Heurich was an avid record-keeper who maintained books of brewery invoices, advertisements, and records, some of which have survived. Beer historian and avid homebrewer Mike Stein spent months poring over brittle invoices at the National Archives. With the help of DC homebrewers, Joshua H. Hubner and Pete Jones, several test batches were brewed using modern ingredients when literal historical accuracy could not be achieved. Several ingredients like the Palmer Seedling hop and “fancy malt” used by Heurich are no longer produced. In addition to the Palmer Seedling hop, through his research Stein found evidence that Heurich used hops from the Germany and the Czech Republic. One receipt was for “Saazer Hops” the German word for Žatec, a historic hop-growing region in the Czech Republic. While Heurich didn’t have the convenience of using highly modified malts like Vienna and Munich, he did love modern technology and new innovations. Brewers today have the advantage of using pre-gelatinized flaked corn and puffed rice, both of which were used in the final commercial example.

In June, this truly "Classic American Pilsner" was scaled up from 5 gallons to 1,000 gallons at DC Brau Brewing Company. According to William E. Kelley’s Brewing in Maryland, Heurich “had often said his ambition was to produce a fine light beer, and claimed his beer, and that of other American breweries, was as good as any produced in Germany, with an exception, however, which he admitted, of the Pilsener beer made in Czechoslovakia.” Under the guidance of Jeff Hancock and Brandon Skall, the DC Brau beer is both a recreation of the pre-prohibition product brewed by Christian Heurich Brewing Company and a nod to the lager beer Heurich enjoyed in Bavaria, Bohemia, and Vienna. The result is a balanced, golden elixir, a delicious beer and a fitting homage to Christian Heurich’s lager.

This project is part of the Heurich House Museum’s continuing efforts to honor the legacy of Christian Heurich, to preserve and maintain his historic home, and to promote local Washington, DC history and culture.  Every third Thursday throughout the year, the museum hosts monthly local craft beer tastings and beer-centric house tours called History & Hops.  Other programs presented this summer include free outdoor movies, local music concerts, and public house tours. 

Monday, August 12 at 7:00 PM – Bar Trivia at Fado with Brewer Chris – Fado – 808 7th Street NW
Brewer Chris will be leading Bar Trivia at Fado! There will be prizes and brau specials all night!

Tuesday, August 13 at 7:00 PM – DC Brau Beer Dinner – Boundary Stone – 116 Rhode Island Avenue NW
Chef Vin is collaborating with Chef Madrid from Sixth Engine to create several small plates in a two part series! The second installment will be during DCBW on Tuesday the 13th at Boundary Stone. Tickets on sale now! Bloomingdale meets Mt. Vernon! Join us as we collaborate with Boundary Stone DC! Cost: $50. Please email info@boundarystonedc.com for tickets and info. This will be one of our favorite DCBW events for sure.

Wednesday, August 14 at 5:00 PM – DC BRAU'S 2ND ANNUAL OFFICIAL DC BEER WEEK CRAB FESTIVAL MONUMENTAL EXTRAVAGANZA – The Quarterdeck – 1200 Fort Myer Drive, Arlington
In celebration of DC Beer Week, DC Brau Brewing Company will be throwing an all-you-can-eat crab dinner at Quarterdeck Restaurant on August 14th from 5 pm to 10 pm. Admission to “DC Brau’s Genuine 2nd Annual Official DC Beer Week Crab Festival Monumental Extravaganza” is $50, with $1 Drafts and $3 Pitchers of DC Brau available ALL NIGHT. Seating for the event is limited to 200 people. http://dcbraudcbeerweekcrabfest.eventbrite.com

Thursday – DC Brau Beer Dinner – Ripple – 3417 Connecticut Avenue NW
In honor of DC Beer Week, Ripple executive chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley and beer monger Dave Delaplaine are proud to offer five specially-crafted courses to be paired with some of DC Brau's finest offerings.  These exclusive beers from DC's preeminent brewery include a rare pre-prohibition lager.  Ripple is excited to welcome DC Brau co-founder and resident beer expert Brandon Skall, who will present these exquisite pairings and offer an oral history of brewing in our nation's capital. $65, exclusive of tax/gratuity. Reservations may be made by emailing david@rippledc.com or by calling 202-244-7995.

Thursday, August 15 at 6:00 PM – DC Brau Bites and Brews – Clyde’s (Gallery Place) – 707 7th Street NW
Join us at Clyde's of Gallery Place for a "Beer & Bites Tasting with DC Brau on Thursday, August 15th from 6 to 8 pm. Tickets are available by calling 202-349-3700 for $30 a person. Price includes will a free tasting glass.


Friday, August 16 at 7:00 PM – Tap Takeover at Poste Brasserie – 555 8th Street NW
Please join DC Brau in the beautiful outdoor bar courtyard and barn for a tap takeover at Poste. Brau will have all the newest specialty and one-off beers plus old flagship favorites.

Saturday, August 17 at 8:00 PM – Big Brew HAHA – Old Ebbitt Grill – 675 15th Street NW
Join DC Brau in the atrium at DC's landmark Old Ebbitt Grill on Saturday night from 8 to 11pm for a celebration of local craft beer, food, and music. Beer will be provided by a variety of great local breweries, including DC Brau, Heavy Seas, Flying Dog, Evolution, Devil’s Backbone, Starr Hill, Lost Rhino, Port City and Mad Fox, along with food from some of the DC area's best restaurants. The 19th Street Band will deliver the music. Tickets – including all the beer, food and music you can handle – are $50 each, and can be purchased in advance here:https://www.eventfarm.com/brewhaha.