Remember last summer when all that nastiness with the power outage went down and area breweries had a rough go of it? Well, Port City turned a batch of beer that had fermented higher than it should have into Derecho Common. And it's back! From a press release:

When a turbulent derecho storm knocked out power for five days in June 2012, Port City’s Head Brewer Jonathan Reeves was able to save a tank of fermenting lager beer by brewing it as a California Common, or steam beer, which ferments out at 65 degrees Fahrenheit rather than 40 degrees as with a typical lager.  Only a 60-barrel batch was brewed last year, which sold out quickly.  Since so many people that wanted to try the beer were not able to, this year Port City is producing a 180-barrel batch so more customers can taste the beer that was created by the storm.  Derecho Common will be released on the anniversary of the storm, June 29th, at select retail, restaurants and bars in Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina with a suggested retail price for a six-pack of $12.99.

The 11,000 square-foot craft brewery is dedicated to bringing great quality, innovative, handmade craft beers to the DC and Mid-Atlantic market.  Port City produces world-class quality beer, brewing four year-round beers along with rotating seasonal selections.  To maintain authenticity, Port City will brew the Derecho Common in the same style as last year, but this time, intentionally.  They will brew the beer, and as fermentation begins, unplug the fermentation tank for five days while the beer ferments.  The brewers will closely monitor the beer as fermentation causes the temperature of the beer to rise, and it will ferment in the style of a California Common, or steam beer.  This year, customers can enjoy the great taste and its innovative origin, but this time in air-conditioned bars and restaurants, as well as Port City’s Tasting Room all summer long.