There's a lot going on this week. In a week filled with shiny objects, Tuesday is just another evening reminiscent of a spotlight beaming into a hall of mirrors. If you're into craft beer, though, it's likely you're into hops or are at least interested in how they make it into craft brews.

Well, Smith Commons knows this and wants you to learn more. So they're teaming up with a whole team of folks from the #DCBrews and #MDBeer scenes, including your friendly DCBeer staff, to put on a symposium about hops. That'll kick off around 6:30pm, and the party will go on quite a while after that.

"ZOMG why would I go to a symposium on hops? I don't even know what a symposium is. Did it used to be an Olympic sport?"

Hops are great, and the people in our beer scene are great, so the two are coming together for a little chat. While a panel comprised of homebrewers, industry folks, and bloggy blog bloggers takes your questions, you can be sipping on a wide range of hoppy beers (for $5 each all night) and eating food that showcases their profiles. After the panel is done talking, DJ Mathias will keep things lively while you do what people do during Craft Brewers Conference week. The DCBeer crew will be hanging out afterward, so come by and say hi, let us know what we can do to improve our coverage for you!

It all kicks off at 7pm. Here's your line-up:


Here's the beer list, remember, just $5 all night!