You've probably already noticed that there are quite a few new beers out there for CBC Week. Well, not to be outdone, 3 Stars Brewing has jumped into the fold, too. Via an email:

Two to the Dome: 8.5% abv double IPA brewed with Centennials, Cascades, and Citras in the boil and hopback. Then dry-hopped with a healthy addition of whole leaf Citra right in the fermenter. This hop behemoth packs a deliciously bright and juicy hop profile with a pronounced, yet not overwhelming, bitterness. This is our first commercially released double IPA, as we wanted to wait until we had something truly exceptional for your drinking pleasure.

From Russia With Love: 8.5% abv Russian imperial stout brewed with Tim Prendergast and Mike Aloi from Meridian Pint. We aged half the batch on cherry wood, which has contributed a distinct cherry quality. We also did some specialty casks for the Drink Local event of the cherry wood aged stout with cherries in one cask, and Fuggles [hops] in the other. Big, malty, smooth, and delicious, this beauty is sure to be a CBC crowd pleaser.

B W Rye #4: 2.0% abv rye gose brewed with Dr. Stephen Jones of Oliver Ales. This beer was soured with lactobacillus and as a result is a deliciously tart and unique session beer with pronounced notes of citrus, coriander, and sourness. This beer is easily one of the most interesting and creative releases of the season. Super small batch yield, so get it where and when you can.

Zombie Date Night: 9.6% abv imperial porter aged on raspberries and cocoa nibs. This is an experimental treatment for our Pandemic Porter and will likely only be featured at the brewery during CBC and then available again sometime mid to late April (if we survive).

The beer plot thickens!