Recently I had the privilege to travel to and check out a brew day at Adroit Theory Brewing Company. You may remember the name from when we first spoke to them this time one year ago. As you might imagine, a lot can happen in a year, and we believe now is an appropriate time to provide you with some updates.

Back in December, Adroit Theory settled on a location in Purcellville, VA. While this may seem like a hike from those in the city, you will still have plenty of opportunity to get your hands on their beers. Early plans look to establish various membership clubs in which patrons can determine which level of membership they would prefer. Members would then have the ability to either pick up monthly packages of brews or opt to have them shipped straight to them. Adroit Theory also looks to throw special events and parties for the various membership levels.

On the day I stopped out, the brew day consisted of the final beer in Adroit’s first Trifecta, T/P/D (The Perfect Drug),which is set to be an imperial saison with basil and wormwood. The day also involved some very generous dry hopping additions to the second beer of the trifecta, G/I/A/A (God Is An American), a double IPA aged on vodka infused ash spirals. Based simply on the aroma, the beer should make any hop head rejoice. Perhaps by the names you caught on to a trend, but, if not, the first trifecta of beers were inspired by Nine Inch Nails (the first beer many people are currently tasting – Black As Your Soul).

This trifecta styling will continue throughout Adroit Theory's development. After the completion of this initial trifecta, taste testers will be looking forward to the second and third – Serial Killers (which could feature a Milk Stout and Smoked Porter in the lineup) and Gang Themes, respectively. I do not want to use this platform to give away any secrets, but I will say these trifectas will be presenting some very unique beers that I cannot wait to sample.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to sample any of the Adroit Theory beers, you should probably stop reading and send an email to including your mailing information. There has been an overwhelming response to the Official Taste Tester list, but if you can get your name on it, the beer is worth the wait. As always for more information you should follow them on twitter at @AdroitTheory and Like them on Facebook. Also, if you're planning on attending CBC, keep an eye out for them.