Lots of new beers set to enter the market as a result of CBC. We'll have coverage on as many of them as we can get info for. Here's what DC Brau is offering up. Via email from Brandon Skall:

"Taster’s Choice" is a collaborative beer between DC Brau, Ska Brewing and DC’s own legendary Pietasters. We decided to brew a coffee infused Doppelbock. This delicate gem has been lagering in our tanks since early January. An incredibly smooth malitness balanced with a subtle coffee a character makes this a standout beer and truly a feather in the cap of both breweries involved. Taster’s Choice registers at a respectable 7.4% ABV. Proceeds from the beer and launch party at the Black Cat will go to the Todd Eckhardt Scholarship Fund, set up to honor the memory of former Pietasters bassist and songwriter Todd Eckhardt, who passed away in 2001. The fund benefits students at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts through the Ellington Fund.

"Colliding Hemispheres" is a collaborative beer between DC Brau, Hop Union and Briess Malts & Ingredients. When conceiving the recipe we were imagining an American Brown Ale brewed with our house Belgian Abbey  yeast and hopped with both New Zealand and Australian hops. This beer exhibits a firm, yet subtle malt profile with subtle caramel and toffee notes and a kiss of cocoa thrown in coupled with a heavy hop presence conveying flavors of resinous tropical fruit,  lemon zest, lime zest and white pepper. All these flavors come together utilizing our house Belgian Abbey yeast, reminiscent of dried fruits that help carry the union of the hops and malt to produce a very memorable beer that mashes up traditional Belgian and American beer styles with a very unique southern hemisphere hop twist.

“Yonder Cities" is a collaborative beer between DC Brau and Union Brewing of Baltimore. This Farmhouse IPA is quite the standout with its beautiful balance of malt, hops and yeast. Jeff and Kevin worked hard to craft a beer with a spicy yeast character and a bright vivid hop profile. Simcoe and and Citra hops bring white grapefruit, juicy nectarine and zesty lemon peel to the nose and palate while the proprietary saison yeast balances peppery earth tones with a crisp tart finish. There are two version of this beer. One brewed at Union and one brewed at DC Brau. The only difference being base malts. We used Pilsner Malt and Union used 2 row. Feature them both together to showcase the difference!!!!

Additionally, St. Joseph's Tripel is now available. Skall describes the beer: "This pious potion clocks in at 10% ABV and is brewed with orange peel, coriander, grains of paradise, and juniper berries. An angel blessed this transcendent ale with deep flavors of passion fruit, kiwi, and tropical candy!"

Additionally, the esteemed imperial IPA On the Wings of Armageddon will return again on March 25.