UPDATE: Check out our CBC 2013 page!

You may have heard that in late March (March 26-29 to be exact) a little thing from the Brewers Association, yes, the Brewers Association, called Craft Brewers Conference will descend on our fair city, the nation's capital. Craft brewers conference is a huge opportunity for the #dcbrews, #mdbeer, and #vabeer communities to show off what we're all coming together to build in this area around craft beer. Although CBC itself is largely for industry folks and is filled with workshops and seminars, you can bet your collective and presumably sweet bippies that there will be a bevy of beer events in the evenings at which to wet your whistles and sip some suds. Alright, enough alliteration. After all, SAVOR is in New York City this year, so you can assume CBC is taking the place of SAVOR Week. 

Today we've launched our event pages for CBC. You'll find that there's one for every day between Monday, March 25 and Saturday, March 30. Why this format? Because there's just too many events to have each one have its own event page, and it would be far too long to put them all one one page. You'll find handy navigation to jump to a different day at the top of each page. In fact, it'll look just like this:

Jump to a different day (Week of March 25, 2013):
Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday

Go ahead and check those out. We've already started populating events there. So far it's just ChurchKey and Meridian Pint, but boy are there some doozies in there already. Woo boy.


Additionally, you can find all of the CBC events listed on our handy Google Calendar

The DCBeer team will be at CBC conducting interviews, reporting on seminars, tweeting up a storm, and probably making jokes that only we'll laugh at, so look for that coverage. Be sure to let us know if there's anything you're particularly interested by tweeting at us (@dcbeer) or emailing us (editor@dcbeer.com). We'll be putting together a guide for CBC visitors, so if you have any advice (pithy or otherwise) send it our way as well.

Until then, we leave you with the first of a series of introductory videos produced by The Beer ChannelCarlo over at The Beer Channel visited a bunch of DC neighborhoods and has profiles of which spots to check out during CBC. For those of you who live in the DC area, this might be old news, but for any visitors in our area, this a good place to start. First up, "Downtown," including Chinatown and Metro Center: https://t.co/1uqIW86V

We're looking forward to covering this for all of you. As always, thanks for reading DCBeer! Cheers!