Chris McClintock is Founder and President of Nostrum Brewing Company

Greetings! The kind folks at have asked me to introduce you to Nostrum Brewing Company and give you the scoop on what we’re all about. So, if you have the opportunity, please grab a pint of your favorite and check out our story.

Nostrum Brewing Co. is a new brewery-in-planning in Northern Virginia and the result of years of plotting and scheming. I first dreamed of opening a brewery when I was in college, but at the time I didn’t have the resources or experience to make it happen. So, I went and became an attorney instead. But at the same time, I got into homebrewing, became a devoted student of beer, and quietly kept planning for my own business. Now, I’m proud to say that the project is finally getting off the ground!

Currently, Nostrum Brewing is in its early stages, but here’s what I can tell you: we’re going to be a relatively small packaging brewery, located in either the City of Alexandria or nearby Fairfax County. We’re planning on having a 5-10 BBL brewhouse. We’ll have a tasting room and will supply kegs to local bar and restaurant accounts, and if the conditions are right, we’ll begin bottled or canned beer sales within the first year of operation.

When Nostrum Brewing opens in early 2014, the majority of brewing and business will initially be done by me, but I’ve also rounded up friends and family who believe in Nostrum’s philosophy and want to be involved on various levels. Together, the Nostrum Brewing team can’t wait to get started making beer for you!


As for the beer, Nostrum Brewing will have a couple core/flagship beers and a selection of rotating seasonals. We’ll also get experimental, which is a benefit of our small size. We make a pretty good Earl Grey tea beer and peanut butter cup stout. Also, a key beer-loving member of our team suffers from gluten intolerance, so we plan to have at least one tasty gluten-free beer in our regular lineup. And because we’re dog-friendly folks, we’re developing a line of spent grain dog treats flavored like some of our brews so you can enjoy a Nostrum beer with your best friend.

All those facts aside, let me tell you what Nostrum Brewing is really about. The name is derived from “nostrum remedium,” an old Latin term that later became synonymous with the colorfully-named cure-alls that were sold in the U.S. during the late 1800s and early 1900s. I’ve always loved the beautiful (and sometimes bizarre) advertisements for these so-called “patent medicines,” and our labels and brand will have a similar look.

But our name is about more than just imagery. Nostrum remedium means “our remedy,” so Nostrum Brewing Company is, in essence, “Our Brewing Company.” Our name reflects our community-minded philosophy: we believe that quality beer brings people together, and everything we do at Nostrum Brewing is based upon this principle. We aim to embody this philosophy in a variety of ways, from offering homebrewing and beer classes at the tasting room to supporting and partnering with local community organizations. Nostrum Brewing aims to be a part of your community just as much as we hope you’ll be part of ours!

Throughout Nostrum Brewing’s planning and startup, we’ll be posting updates and keeping up with the local beer scene on social media. We invite you to sign up for email updates or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.


Chris McClintock

Founder & President

Nostrum Brewing Co.