You may remember that last year, DCBeer launched a mailbag type feature called The Grain BagAlas, like all good thing, it died young. Too young. But now, like a homebrewer using the dregs of his last bottle of Cantillon Fou'foune to make a passable sour beer, The Grain Bag is rising from the drafts only section of your favorite local craft beer website (we are, aren't we? Just lie and say yes, we can't take the alternative. At least I can't.)

Anyway, The Grain Bag is back, but instead of just your general craft beer questions, DCBeer contributor and renowned-but-too-humble-about-it homebrewer Bill Jusino is going to tackle your homebrewing questions each week. Have a question about techniques (why is my gravity always too low?) to hops to yeast to malt, Bill will answer your question, or make up an answer to your question, or maybe even ask some of the local homebrewing Superfriends to weigh in. It'll be a jolly time.

We think there are a lot of homebrewing questions out there that people have. Prove us right! You can send the questions to or fill in the form below. We'll do our best to get this out weekly. Miss the original Grain Bag? You can also send in your general craft beer questions, and we'll answer them.

Sweet deal huh? So don't delay; send in your questions today!