The Neighborhood Farm Initiative is hosting its Annual Homebrew Competition and is currently accepting entries.  From an email:
In terms of how the day will work, each [homebrewer] will need to bring 10 bottles (no kegs) of beer to the event. You will probably want to bring a cooler, as these won't be provided. We will however, provide mini cups for the tasting. We are asking that the brewers arrive at 2:30 pm in order to set up and familiarize yourself with the rules and competition. Once you arrive, you will be given your table and a number. This is how people will judge the quality of your beer. When you get to your table, there will be a sign  with the name of your beer, your name and what beer categories you are entering. Additionally, we will have stacks of cups for your use at your table.
This year's beer categories are below. Similar to the last few years, each category will have one winner and will get a certificate and a small prize.  
1. Best Beer
2. Best Beer Runner Up 
3. Best use of local ingredient 
4. Best name
5. Best backstory (if you are entering this category, please send me a short summary of the story that we can have at your table for people to read)
6. Most Unique 
Please email by February 10th if you are interested in participating and what categories you will be placing your beer in. After February 10th, we are closing the official list of brewers, so act quickly to ensure your spot!
The judging/party takes place on Sunday, March 10th from 3 – 6 pm at DC Reynolds in Petworth – check our calendar for details.