Back in the 1990s, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and I drank Pete's Wicked Ale because that's all there was (and every other DCBeer staff member was in elementary school), an Arlington, Virginia brewpub called Bardo Brewing was winning awards at the Great American Beer Festival. Over time, Bardo would become Dr. Dremo's Taphouse, the only remotely weird and interesting thing on otherwise staid Clarendon Boulevard. Unfortunately, it closed in 2008. 

Andrew Stewart, brother of founder/brewer Bill, has been keeping the dream alive, but he needs your help. In 2012, this means turning to crowdsourced funding, including half-priced beer when the new Bardo's opens. Andrew has purchased land just off of H St, NE, an area that's already well-known for beer. He'd like to fill this land with five hundred (500!) outdoor seats, a shipping container structure, cornhole, barbecue, and more beer on tap than any other brewpub, ever. Andrew can make good on this delicious threat; at one point in the 90s Bardo was the largest brewpub in the country. 

A preliminary beer list (pdf) runs the gamut of styles, and includes not only a lambic-style ale, but also cider from Virginia apples. There are also tentative plans to distill, pending a change in DC law. We at DCBeer urge you to take a look at the funding page to immerse yourself in Bardo's illustrous past, which could become DC's future.