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“Learn to Homebrew Day” and Lagunitas Contest with the DC Homebrewers Association

The DC Homebrewers Association has been keeping busy.  They have 2 – count 'em, 2! – events worthy of your attention:

1. This Saturday November 3, 2012 is National “Learn to Homebrew Day” – as if you didn't know that already.  In case you were wondering, this year, I'm dressing up as a racking cane.

Anyhow, to celebrate the grand occasion, DCHB is hosting a homebrewing demonstration at 3 Stars Brewing Co. & Homebrew Store (6400 Chillum Place NW) from 10am to 4pm.  The crew will brew an all grain beer and an extract beer (kit graciously provided by 3 Stars) from start to finish with plenty of step-by-step detail.  This is the perfect opportunity to learn about the alchemic processes behind your favorite beverage or hone your already formidable skillz.  With a 'Z'.

Since you're making the trip up, you might as well grab some supplies at the homebrew shop and get a tour and a growler to go at the brewery.  And because sharing is caring, feel free to bring some of your own homebrew for the group.

2. Lagunitas announced a homebrew competition and has invited clubs in the DC/Maryland/Virginia region to submit a beer to compete. Each club's entry must:

  • Be made with an American Ale yeast strain
  • Not be made using fruit, spices or herbs
  • Be comprised of 6, 12-ounce bottles delivered to Lagunitas by mail no later than Nov. 13 (to be judged on Nov. 16)

The winning brewer will be flown to California later in November to brew with Lagunitas and see their collaboration distributed and sold in our region.

DCHB is taking submissions for the contest; unfortunately, they didn't find out about the competition until the last minute, so you will already have to have a beer packaged, conditioned and ready to go to be considered. You'll also have to have the recipe available to share in case your beer is selected. All you have to do to enter is:

  • Fill out this google spreadsheet with information about your entry
  • Bring two, 12-ounce bottles of your beer pre-chilled to Three Stars Brewing between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 3 (during our Learn How to Homebrew Event) OR drop off two bottles of your beer sometime before Saturday with Patrick Coonan ([email protected]) in Columbia Heights.
  • Include your name and the name and style of your entry on a piece of paper along with the bottles you submit.

If anyone has any questions or is interested in helping with the judging on Saturday (Nov. 3), you can e-mail Patrick Coonan at [email protected]. The full press release below..

.Lagunitas Brewing Company
Special Brewing Competition for D.C./Virginia/Maryland 2012

Each Home Brewer is invited to brew a beer that you think consumers would enjoy drinking. Submit your entry to your AHA sanctioned Home Brew Club. Your club will judge all samples submitted and choose one beer to enter into the final competition from all AHA sanctioned Home Brew Clubs in these markets .

A final judging panel will be assembled and this judging panel will choose one home brew sample that they feel would most marketable in the bars in these markets.

A team of 4 (the winning home brewer, a home brewer whose name is drawn from ALL entries from all Home Brew Clubs, and 2 Lagunitas accounts in these markets) will be flown out to the Lagunitas Brewery in Petaluma, CA to brew the special winning beer selected specifically for these markets.

The trip will include: flight to CA, transportation to and from the airport, hotel, meals and beverages, brewery tour and, of course, the opportunity to brew a beer which will be sold in your home markets, with Lagunitas Head Brewer Jeremy Marshall.

All winners agree to have their names & photos appear in an issue of Zymurgy.

There are no style guidelines EXCEPT….no lagers (due to tank space), must be made with American yeast, no fruit, herbs or spices added. Your entry will be considered your winning ticket but will not necessarily be the beer brewed. That beer will be a collaborative effort of the Retailer/Home Brewer Team along with Lagunitas’ Head Brewer.

The final entry from each Home Brew Club must be a six-pack, and samples must be delivered to a location (to be determined) by 3 days prior to the final judging date – Nov 16th.

Winners must be able to fly to CA on Nov 25th returning on Nov 27th, 2012.

Happy brewing.

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