You may remember that a few weeks ago we let you know that Right Proper was seeking crowd funding for their brewhouse. Well now another brewpub is doing the same. Portner Brewhouse, slated to open in Old Town Alexandria, is seeking $30,000 from IndieGoGo.

A little history for those of you into that sort of thing. From the listing: "Between 1869 and 1916, Robert Portner, a German immigrant, built the largest brewery in the southeastern United States. In 1916, the State of Virginia enacted Prohibition, outlawing the sale, production and consumption of all alcoholic beverages – wiping out an entire industry overnight including The Robert Portner Brewing Company!Thankfully, Virginia and the rest of the country came to its senses some years later and repealed it. Almost 100 years later, his great-great granddaughters have set out not only to extend their family legacy, but also launch the next generation of craft brewers in Old Town Alexandria, VA, by opening Portner Brewhouse."

The Portner Brewhouse is envisioned to be "a living history museum, a restaurant, a brewery, and a craft beer business incubator."

The $30,000 is far from the totality of the $1.3 million the Portners say they need to open their place. While this is a smaller amount, it serves to get the word about the Brewhouse out to the public. Through articles such as these, for example.

Good luck to Catherine and Margaret Portner and their business partners. Nice to see history trying to come back and repeat itself in a beer way.