Brett A. Robison writes at Divine Brew and is the beer director at Tryst DC in Adams Morgan.

So now that I’ve set the beer menu, phase two of development in the beer program at Tryst begins.  This includes two major components: improved training for staff and regular draft beer line cleaning.  This is some serious next level stuff we’re talking about here.  My head is exploding with ideas and not nearly enough time work on them.  This requires some critical analysis, but where to begin?


Keeping It Clean Kiddies


My first thought is to tackle the draft beer line cleaning. I can hold myself wholly accountable for this, so it seems like a logical next step.  I’ve been trying to build a draft beer cleaning schedule for the rest of 2012. In doing my research, I thought it would be good to check out what the legal requirements are. Depending on what state you live in, the rules are different.  In some states, it is the responsibility of the wholesaler to ensure beer lines are cleaned.  In other states, this responsibility falls on the retailers head.  One major theme in all states: enforcement and implementation of any regulations are lackluster if they even exist at all.  Say wha..?

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