Right Proper Brewing Company, a proposed brewpub from Thor Cheston, former beer director of both Brasserie Beck and Pizzeria Paradiso, renowned local homebrewer Nathan Zeender, and John Snedden, owner of Rocklands Barbecue, is seeking crowdsourced funding for a 10 barrel brew system. The link to the IndieGoGo page is here.

Right Proper's campaign will go until Saturday, November 17, at which point they will get all of the funds that have been raised.

The IndieGoGo page notes,

The total cost of our project is more than $2 million. John and I have spent the better part of a year raising money to supplement our business loan but none of that money is available to us UNTIL we reach the $2 million mark (the dreaded “escrow”). We are closing in on our goal, but our fear is that by the time we finish our overall fundraising, we will be far behind our planned opening of next summer. We need to place the order NOW for our brewing equipment, a 10-barrel system manufactured by Newlands (http://www.nsibrew.com/). That system will cost close to $300,000, and – just as importantly — takes seven months to manufacture. All funds raised will go to the purchase of our brewing equipment. We want to thank all those who donate to our Newlands system and we are going to bend over backwards to see that you are rewarded with great beer!

Contributors will be able to claim benefits for donating, everything from getting vouchers for beer to naming a fermenter.


For more on Right Proper, Cheston, and Zeender, be sure to check out local beer writer Daniel Fromson's recent cover story in the Washington City Paper