So you like buying organic, cage-free eggs, nine kinds of Swedish cheese, and flax seed-laden granola and craft beer? Well, the Whole Foods Markets at P Street, Tenleytown, and Arlington have some news for you indeed. 

This week, Whole Foods P Street is opening up its own in-house craft beer bar. The news comes via Facebook. You'll be able to buy a beer (either a single beer at the counter or a draft) and walk around the store while you do your shopping. Delightful!

Randy Kuczor, P Street's beer buyer, will curate the bar's menu. The opening day menu is projected to look like this:

But that's not all, similar set-ups can be found at both the Tenleytown and Arlington markets as well. At the Arlington location, the bar "emulates a pub style atmosphere complete with beer, wine, organic coffees and tasty nibbles…The pub offers 100% certified organic coffee, draft beers and wines by the glass. All of the beers are made within a 200 mile range and will rotate based on availability and customer feedback. Here are a few starters including Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, Lost Rhino Rhinofest and Port City Derecho Common Ale," according to a press release.