Urbain Coutteau is just plain cool.  Chris (now on Twitter!) and I spent a bit of time with him and Terry Hawbaker at The Farmer’s Cabinet brewery a while back and let me tell you – he’s one slick character.  Urbain combines the meticulous with the creative in a manner that all craft brewers attempt to achieve.  Even cooler, he does it all from a tiny farmhouse brewery in West Flanders, Belgium.

He also brews some good beer.  He brews some really friggin’ good beer.

On August 27th at 6PM, ChurchKey will be pouring a phenomenal list of the aforementioned really friggin’ good beer for your drinking pleasure.  The list ranges from De Struise’s classic Pannepot to their recent collaboration with 3 Floyds, an Imperial IPA fermented with  Urbain’s house ale yeast (which he regularly brings to the US in a non-descript bucket, which is awesome).  Needless to say, the beers will be top notch and the crowds will surely be large enough to match.

As usual, beers are priced individually in full pours and 4 oz tasters, but you knew that.  Check out the list below:

P.S.  We’re hearing whispers of a De Struise/Bluejacket collaboration.  We’ll inform you as we hear more!