Here at headquarters, we tackle the tough issues of the day.  Sometimes, though, we tackle the not-so-tough issues of the day.  Most of this not-tough-issue-tackling occurs during the time we spend at our day jobs and more often than not, it’s not worth sharing.

But there are some ideas that must be allowed to spread their wings and flap forcefully and confidently into the blogosphere.  This is one of those ideas.

Below, please find a list of potential beer names related to the Nickelodeon shows beloved by the DCBeer writers.  Think you have a better idea?  Drop it in the comments and we’ll all get a hearty laugh in the middle of this otherwise run-of-the-mill workday.

Enjoy, readers.  Enjoy.

Nickelodeon-Themed Beer Names

Nickelodeon Guts Pale Ale

Legends of the Hidden Gose

Wild and Crazy Kolsch

Double Doppelbock


Are You Afraid of the Dank? Double IPA

The Secret Life of Alex Marzen

Keenan and Kellerbier / Keenan and Kristalweizen

Salute Your Sorachi

Pete and Patersbier

Aaahhh! Real Marzens!

Malsters Modern Life

Hey Gueeeeeeze

Ahtanum Explains it All

ChocZone (a collaboration with Chocolate City)


Super Sloppy Double Bock (be forewarned, this beer comes with a physical challenge)

Eureeka’s Kolsch

My Life as a Teenage Rauchbier

Butt-Ugly Marzen

Gueza Gueza Island

The Ren and Witbier Show

Eur-kriek-a’s Castle


She-Ra: Princess of Porters

Degratzer: The Next Generation

Where in the World is Marzen Sandiego?

Seasonals: Kreik Week and Shocktoberfest