Just to be clear, when we say “gypsy”, we’re not talking about the Romani diaspora, the proud and widespread people tracing their ancestry to the Indian subcontinent.  No, we’re talking itinerant brewers.

On Monday, August 6th beginning at 6 PM, the Caravan rolls into ChurchKey, with nearly 20 brews from 10 different gypsy brewers on tap.

The Full Gypsy Draft Caravan (thus far…a few additions are on the horizon!):
Bluejacket Sidewalk Saison (gypsy-brewed at Iron Hill in PA)
Mikkeller Texas Ranger Framboise Edition
Mikkeller Hop Bomb Challenge
Mikkeller Hot Dog Øl
Kissmeyer Uusikaupunki Syndrom (super-scarce collab w/ Finnish brewer Vakka-Suomen Panimo)
Omnipollo Leon
Omnipollo Mazarin
To Øl Sans Frontiere
Troch Hopdraeck
The Perfect Crime (aka Stillwater & Evil Twin) American Blonde
The Perfect Crime European Blonde
Beer Here Dead Cat
Beer Here SoD
Beer Here Wicked Wheat
Beer Here Executioner
Stillwater Kopstootje
Stillwater Premium
Stillwater & Brewer’s Art Debutante

No admission and all gypsy beers come in 4 oz. tasters and full-glass pours.