Something delicious has been brewing up in Takoma Park.  It hasn’t been brewing for long, but you’ve known for a long time that it was on its way.  It isn’t quiet, nor subtle, nor inconspicuous.  That’s just not what this thing is.  This thing is big, bold, and fully prepared to take the city and its palates by storm.

Tell your friends.  Tell your mama.  Tell everybody.  3 Stars Brewing Company has arrived.

On Thursday, August 9 starting at 4pm, a little bar called ChurchKey will be pouring the first of 3 Stars offerings on both draft and cask.  For the cask versions, you can certainly expect to find that some interesting, exotic ingredients have taken up residence in the firkin. Co-founders Dave Coleman and Mike McGarvey will be on hand, of course, to celebrate the first official pours of their anticipated beers and toast to the community and volunteers that made their dream a reality.

What beers will they be pouring, you ask?  Well, allow me:

As usual, there is no admission fee and beers will be available in both full pours and 4-oz tasters.  Get out there and celebrate the newest addition to the #dcbrews brewing community.