For some time Virginia has been saying that it is “for lovers.”  Honestly, I’ve never really understood what that means.  Would something happen to me when I crossed one of the bridges into Virginia and spotted that familiarly aggressive “RADAR DETECTORS ILLEGAL” sign that would create an insatiable fire in my heart?  Would I be stricken with the sudden urge to profess my undying affection to the nearest passerby in a manner typically reserved for Ron Weasley while under the influence of an unceremoniously administered love potion?

I’m happy to report that none of the above rather embarrassing situations will come to pass.  You see, friends, Virginia IS for lovers…of craft beer.

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has taken some time off from both “[loving] chicken” and his misguided quest to make his hair look like that of perfectly parted Bob Costas in order to declare August, “Virginia Craft Beer Month.” Citing the growing number of breweries in the state, Governor Costas-Wannabe McDonnell has stated that he hopes the month will give more attention to the thriving, award-winning breweries in the state.

In addition to attempting to steal the spotlight from National Goat Cheese Month, Virginia has taken additional steps to celebrate the growth of breweries and beer culture in the good ol’ commonwealth.  The Virginia Department of Tourism has established a craft beer page on their website, which includes upcoming beer events, a map of breweries in the state (with descriptions), and a video describing craft brewing in the state (including, of course, the obligatory “brewer running malted grains through his hand slowly and with clear affection for his craft” shot).

There’s a bit more information here, if you’re interested.  Now go do some Virginia lovin’…er, craft beer lovin’.


Note: Through the use of this website, I have already learned that there is a county in Virginia named “Goochland.”  That is all.