There are times when an event’s name is terse, to-the-point, and still manages to be descriptive enough to get the point across.  There are other times when more than a few extra words are required to really capture the magnitude of the moment.

Get your off-color jokes ready because the crabs, they are a-comin’.

Join DC Brau at Quarterdeck Restaurant in Arlington, VA on Wednesday, August 15 from 5pm to 10pm for what they’re calling (deep breath): DC BRAU’s Genuine 1st Annual Official DC Beer Week Crab Festival Monumental Extravaganza at the Quarterdeck. I’m no fancy big city mathematician, but if the ratio of “words in the title of this event : words in the title of a typical event” is any indication, the ratio of “crabs consumed at this event : crabs consumed at a typical event” is going to be astronomical.

Admission to the event is $35 and gives you all-you-can eat crab as well as discounted pitchers of some tasty DC Brau.  Pick up your tickets here and be sure to do so quickly – the event is limited to 200 people and is expected to sell out.

DC BRAU's Genuine 1st Annual Official DC Beer Week Crab...