Unconventional pairings are no stranger in DC: McCain-Feingold; Chief Justice Roberts and the Affordable Care Act; and RFK Stadium and full seats, just to name a few.

Then we have the strange food bedfellows. Sushi does not often share the plate with tater tots – unless you are at Sticky Rice, the Richmond import on H Street in the Atlas District. They are mixing Japan with Belgium, and now they are sprinkling in some Hunter S. Thompson for good measure.

Next week Wednesday, July 25, Sticky Rice will be hosting Flying Dog for a very special night of clever dishes paired with Flying Dog beers, including a rarity and a one-off.

The favorites will be there, including Raging Bitch Belgian IPA and In Heat Wheat. In celebration of what would have been Thompson’s 75th birthday, Flying Dog is bringing its most celebrated offerings.

Open the night with a refreshing Woody Creek White, a light witbier with a crisp clove bite. Later in the dinner, you’ll hit the Single Hop Citra IPA, a beer with much in common with Mr. Thompson; both are deceivingly easy drinkers but pack a punch at 10% ABV. You’ll get a big taste of the tropics with some nice lingering bitterness; think saison flavors without the heaviness.


Sticky Rice will get in the spirit of things and go beyond convention in the kitchen. Cooking with beer throughout the dinner, Sticky Rice is not only pairing this dinner but putting beer right in the dishes in myriad ways – from soup to calamari to sorbet. Come try the pairings and enjoy yourself, for you will be hard pressed to find a better pairing of Dog and Rice.

Doors open at 6, dinner starts at 7. $50 a head. For tickets call Sticky Rice at 202-397-7655.

Here’s the menu:
Woody Creek Miso Soup with Enoki Mushrooms and Tamari (Woody Creek Belgian White)

Sunomono: Cucumber kani salad with calamari, octopus, and izumodai (tilapia), with sweet lemon vinegar dressing (Snake Dog IPA)

Crispy Tofu with Raging Bitch Teryaki Sauce (Raging Bitch Belgian IPA)

Salmon Scallop Yakimaki- Kani avocado inside, salmon sea scallop outside, Jalapeno tomato red onion, sweet sauce (Single Hop Citra)

Chirashi Bonburi- Assorted fresh fish, spring mix salad sushi rice, hot bean paste. This one is spicy and sweet. (In Heat Wheat Hefeweizen)

Gonzo marinated grassfed beef snowpeas with udon and dashi (Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout)

Flying Dog Micro Sundae: passion fruit and coconut sorbet. Dogtoberfest chocolate sauce, toasted coconut (Horn Dog Barleywine and a Lemongrass and That Basil Doggie Style Firkin)

Flying Dog Fear and Rolling Dinner 1

Flying Dog Fear and Rolling Dinner 2