Spread throughout our fair city exist a group of people unlike most others.  You can sometimes hear them early in the morning, heating up their strike water and milling their grains.  Sometimes they’re the thing that goes bump in the night, swirling their fermenters to ensure that their yeast is in suspension.  Who are these people?

They’re homebrewers – and they’ve teamed up with the city’s newest brewery in their quest for world palate domination.

Ok, so that’s a bit of hyperbole.  Let’s dig in for some truth.

Every month, the DC Homebrewers meet up to share beers, knowledge, and good times with fellow brewers of all skill levels.  In the past, they’ve held events at members’ homes and local bars; however, along with the help 3 Stars Brewing Company, they’ve decided to up their game and host their latest meeting in a combination brewery/homebrew shop.  If there’s a more perfect place, I can’t think of it.

On Thursday, July 19 at 7PM, 3 Stars will open their homebrew shop and brand spankin’ new brewery to the group, giving them a unique opportunity to check out their operations and, if needed, snatch up some last minute supplies from the hombrew shop.  Following a lecture on porters that will begin at 7:15PM, homebrewers will be given a chance to taste one another’s beers and give feedback.


Interested in attending?  Everyone is welcome.  If you’re a brewer, bring along some of your latest creation to share with the crowd (especially if it’s a porter, as the club will be trying to find a candidate to enter for a club competition).  Just checking it out?  Bring along some food or commercially available beer – or just bring yourself and see what the DC hombrewing community is all about.

3 Stars Brewing Co. & Homebrew Shop is located at 6400 Chillum Pl. NW, Washington, D.C. The closest Metro station is Takoma Park on the Red Line.