*sniff* They grow up *sniff* so fast!

Meridian Pint has entered its terrible twos, and Columbia Heights can brace itself for having to run all around town trying to catch a pantsless craft beer bar that think it is funny as hell to dump its cereal bowl on the floor even though you *just* mopped the floor and you have no more cereal left to refill the bowl.

Alright enough of that extended metaphor.

This Sunday, July 1, the Pint celebrates 730 days of slinging American craft suds to the #dcbrews community.

How will they be celebrating? Well, according to the Book of Faces says, “Enjoy a patio BBQ from 3pm-8pm catered by our sister restaurant Smoke & Barrel with Chef Logan Grear. All local beers will only $2 from open to close.”

$2 beers? Oh god, don’t let the amateurs know…

Happy birthday, Meridian Pint!