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The Black Squirrel Goes Through the Looking Glass with a Friday Mad Hatter Party

Listen. I’ve read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Well, parts of it. It sits next to my bed and on the rare occasions that I have trouble getting to sleep, I’ll thumb through it. It’s a trippy book. It’s like if Catch-22 were written 100 years ago and had less World War II in it.

I digress. Per usual. The reason for all of this ranting? The Black Squirrel is throwing a Mad Hatter Tea Party this Friday, June 29.

The Squirrel will be pairing up with New Holland to serve six variations of their Mad Hatter IPA. (Ahhh, now you get the joke.) But what’s a tea party without cakes? Chef Gene Sohn will put out a bunch of tea sandwiches and mini cakes.

The six variations of Mad Hatter? Those would be:

White Hatter – “An innovative hybrid of styles landing between white ale and India Pale Ale”
Black Imperial Hatter – black IPA
Rye Imperial Hatter – “Rye lends spiciness to the caramel-malt base, while creating a creamy texture. Dry-hopping contributes a fresh citrus finish”
Oaked Imperial Hatter – oak-aged IPA
Farmhouse Hatter – “Fermentation character from Belgian-born yeast, envelopes bright hop character with a spicy, tart farmhouse funk”
Mad Hatter

Ready to become a character in a children’s novel courtesy of theme-appropriate foods and delicious Michigan beer? We knew you were. Now hop along before that creep Cheshire Cat smiles at you and does the disappearing thing.

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