Way back in 2004 (side note: I’m freaking out that 2004 is reasonably called “way back”), Tomme Arthur of The Lost Abbey and Peter Bouckaert of New Belgium joined forces at Pizza Port in Solana Beach, CA and brewed a beer.  This was not just any beer – this was an all Brett sour brown that they named “Mo’ Betta Bretta.”  Sadly, the beer hasn’t been seen in some time, left to the cellars instead of the barrel and all but forgotten…until now.

Perhaps it was the realization that the zombie apocalypse is upon us?  Perhaps a revitalized affection for the world’s best hot sauce/spicy product mail order service?  Maybe they just cracked open an old one and said, “It’s f*ckin’ good“?  Regardless of how it happened, one thing is for sure:

Mo’ Betta Bretta is back, better than ever, and busting in at the Bier Baron.  Chew on that fancy alliteration while I break it down for you, son.

On Thursday, June 28 at 7pm, the Bier Baron will be hosting the (re)release party for this stellar sour brown ale (brewed at The Lost Abbey, this time around).  Lively and fizzy with all the Bretty barnyardy goodness it can muster, this tart brew exhibits a stunning combination of deep funk and bright, pineapple-scented crispness.  The Baron will be pouring not only this fancy schmancy wild ale, but also plenty of other New Belgium rarities.  Expect a visit from some cellared New Belgium Kick, a sour cranberry pumpkin ale brewed in collaboration with Elysian Brewing that has been resting patiently since the fall.  Needless to say, expect to get your funk on in all kinds of ways.