Nanny O’Briens knows you want to be from Cleveland. They’ve known it even before you knew it. You may not even know it yet. You may not know that you want to pull for the Cavs and Browns and hate LeBron James yet, but Nanny O’Briens knows it, and they’ve enlisted Great Lakes Brewing Company with your transition.

This Thursday, June 21 at 5pm head on up to Cleveland Park and get some of Cleveland’s finest. Featured in the tap takeover will be the Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, Holy Moses White, Burning River Pale, Eliot Ness Lager, Lake Erie Monster Imperial IPA, and the Wright Pils.

But that, as they say, is not all. The additional special draft for this event will be the exclusive Grand Cru Belgian Ale. This is the only keg in DC, and one of the few available outside of the brewery. It will be available for one night only.

Like we said, it’s only a matter of time until you migrate to the Rock and Roll Capital of the World. Might as well familiarize yourself with the beer before you get there.