It’s nice to see places other than the usual suspects hosting beer dinners. In this case, not only is it a place we don’t hear from often (Sushiko), but it’s a genre of food DC doesn’t normally see paired with beer either (Japanese and sushi). Some of the pairings seem a little odd (double porter with clear soup??), but others sound just fine to me.

On Tuesday, June 26 at 7pm, Sushiko in Friendship Heights will present a six-course menu created by owner and creative director of Sushi-ko, Daisuke Utagawa, together with beer expert Jocelyn Cambier.

The beer dinner is $85, all inclusive. Here’s the menu:

Edamame paired with Port City pale ale
Lobster and Asparagus Suimono (clear soup) with Brasseurs Illimites double porter
Flounder Carpaccio with White Soy and Truffle Sauce complemented by a surprise beer of Brasseurs du Monde
Honey and Soy Roasted Duck with A l’Abri de La Tempete Corps Mort
Spicy Broiled Mussels and Coronado Islander IPA
and a final course of Nigiri Sushi paired with Brasseurs Illimites Imperial Stout

For tickets please contact Gabriella Geerman & Andrea Thompson at Sushiko (301) 961-1644