Let me be up front with you right now and get this out of the way. This is a bit of a homer post. I love Odell Brewing Company. Their Saboteur is one of my favorite beers ever. I love their 90 Shilling, St. Lupulin, Woodcut Series, and pretty much everything else they make. So when I found out that Odell wanted to do another pre-SAVOR event this year (last year was at ChurchKey), I more or less clicked my heels like some kind of bizarre craft-beer-loving Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and said “there’s nothing like Saboteur, there’s nothing like Saboteur…”

This Saturday at Smoke and Barrel, the folks from Odell will be in the house with a line-up of their beers. I was also informed today that they’ll be raffling off a pair of tickets for SAVOR’s Saturday session.

Here’s the draft list:
5 Barrel Pale Ale
90 Shilling
Cutthroat Porter
St. Lupulin

Smoke and Barrel opens at 11am on Saturday, and the drafts will pour all day. I’ll actually be barbacking at Smoke and Barrel on Saturday for brunch, so if you come by for the event, please say hi. I’ve been getting to meet a lot of readers recently, and it’s always great to talk to craft beer fans and #dcbrews aficionados.

Just leave some Saboteur for me, please!