So it’s Friday night and you don’t have plans. Or, you’re planning on being plum tuckered out after braving the massive crowds who imbibed (and indigested) the first night of SAVOR. Well, fear not because there is a low-key, official, small themed after party the perfect summer nights stroll away.

In 0.8 of a mile, or 177.76 gnome miles, you could be at the doorstep of the world’s smallest midnight toast. For their 6,666th Anniversary, or 30 human years, Achouffe will share a magnum in honor of the gnomes its success. Prior to the midnight toast the event will begin at 10:30 PM with several Chouffe and Ommegang beers specifically selected for the event.

As if that weren’t enough, Achouffe founder, Chris Bauweraerts, will be on hand (as well as several members of the Ommegang team) at Brasserie Beck, for the toast. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to ask Mr. Bauweraerts how he feels taking all the credit for the gnome’s hard work. My guess is that deep in the foothills of the Ardennes angry gnomes are appeased solely by their constant access to an endless supply of Houblon Chouffe.

As the saying goes, good things come in small packages and this tiny toast is no exception. Come celebrate quality over quantity by toasting one of Belgium’s most creative, quality brewers.