Name: Ska Brewing Company

Location: Durango, CO

Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: No

What You Need To Know: Ska Brewing Company is into beer, skulls, comic books, and loud music. Also, as they’ll have you know, they didn’t buy their “brewery from some ready-made ‘here’s your super awesome brewery in Durango’ kit.” My first Modus Hoperandi was at the Black Squirrel and it is truly a craft beer moment I will remember for a long time. Paired with spicy fare, the piney, citrusy IPA was the perfect accompaniment to my heat-filled dish. As Ska was absent in 2011, DC is happy to show Ska some affection at SAVOR 2012, after all the fermented love they’ve been cranking out over the last 17 years.


Beer #1: Modus Hoperandi (IPA/ 6.8% ABV)

Beer Advocate: 91 (580 Reviews)

Rate Beer: 97 overall, 97 style

Notes: Piney with resinous notes of grapefruit. A medium-bodied ale with enough malt to support the bitter hop taste and citrusy hop aromas. The fact that so many beer drinkers describe this beer as “easy drinking” on rating sites, is a testament to the changes that have taken place in American opinions and on American palates.

Beer #2: Steel Toe Stout (Stout/ 5.4% ABV)

Beer Advocate: 84 (77 Reviews)

Rate Beer: 76 overall, 46 style

Notes: Brewed in the vein of a traditional English cream stout, this beer is remarkably smooth. With the addition of lactose, this milk stout makes a nice accompaniment to chocolate cake, ice cream or tiramisu. However, it is being paired with short ribs. Perhaps the pecan crusted BBQ beef short ribs will work out in the end. I’d suggest trying this before you get into the imperial stouts as it has a beautifully delicate balance of coffee, cream and roasted notes.

Summary: According to Ska, “that’s what craft beer is, love.” As Ska began by making beer in their kitchen, they have kept their love for homebrewers alive and well, with a promise of “recipes as long as you promise to try them, tweak them, thread about them and even send us some samples of your best batches.” Hopefully you’ll show them some love and enjoy their offerings, IPA and Stout.

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