Name: Fegley’s Brew Works

Location: Allentown/Bethlehem, PA

Type: Production brewery/Brewpub

Available in DC Market: No

What You Need To Know: Fegley’s history is full of brewing in storied buildings and reviving local culture bringing good business to towns that had seen better days. According to the production numbers of the Brewers Association, their brewpub is ranked within the top 40 brewpubs in the nation and 2012 should see their capacity reach 5,000 BBLS.


Beer #1: Arctic Alchemy (Barleywine/ 12% ABV)

Beer Advocate: N/A (6 Reviews)

Rate Beer: 94 overall, 89 style

Notes: Described as a cross between an English Barleywine and Old Ale, Arctic Alchemy is a beer based on a Victorian recipe. Originally commissioned by Queen Victoria to travel alongside a group of Arctic Explorers, this ale pays homage to the history of British beer. I’d imagine you should expect a warming, reading Dickens-by-the-fire, sensation as you sip this tipple.

Beer #2: Hop’solutely (Triple IPA/ 11.5% ABV)

Beer Advocate: 82 (117 Reviews)

Rate Beer: 84 overall, 47 style

Notes: Hop’solutely is one big beer. I hate to say it, but it’s highly possible that this pairing will blow the chevre crostini, fennel and blood orange marmalade out of the water. However, because the strong IPA has a malty sweetness, it may play nice with the marmalade. I have found this beer best served fresh, to be certain you are getting the full benefit of the Chinook and Amarillo used to dry hop.

Summary: Having entered the craft beer scene 14 years ago, Fegley’s is a staple within the Lehigh Valley. As their brewery and distribution have grown, so has their reputation and rightfully so. With two Belgian quad-strength beers they have brought out the big guns. As Philly’s Don Russell, better known as Joe Six Pack, likes to ask and tell it, “[i]s Hop’solutely as good as Pliny the Younger? In a word, yes.” If you’ve already had Pliny Jr., perhaps this year you can be the judge.

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Photo Credit: Fegley’s Brew Works