Name: DC Brau Brewing Company

Location: Washington, D.C.

Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: Yes

What You Need To Know: As most in the DMV know, Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock founded DC Brau in 2009. Though it wasn’t until a little over a year ago that The Public pale ale was debuted at Meridian Pint. Most media outlets are correct in letting the public know that DC Brau is the first production brewery in DC since the Christian Heurich Brewing Company closed in 1956. What many media outlets have a hard time acknowledging is the tireless efforts DC Brau has put into being a positive force in the community, writing legislation to better the conditions for beer lover and beer brewers within the district, and keeping a steady stream of innovative ales flowing. While Brau brewed a lager that would surely please Mr. Heurich, the majority of their ales have been brewed for an American Craft Beer audience and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Beer #1: The Corruption IPA (IPA/ 6.5% ABV)

Beer Advocate: 87 (39 Reviews)

Rate Beer: 94 overall, 89 style

Notes: The “District of Corruption” as I have heard our fair city sometimes maligned. This beer is a bright smack of piney hops in the face of foul name callers and evildoers. The beer is brewed with a base of pale malt with C-10, honey, and victory rounding out the malt bill. Light copper in color and bursting with bitter and aroma notes from the versatile Columbus hop. This hop can be used for bittering or aroma additions which should be obvious when tasting Brau’s excellent representation of American IPA.

Beer #2: The Citizen Belgian Pale Ale (Pale Ale/ 7% ABV)

Beer Advocate: 81 (25 Reviews)

Rate Beer: 70 overall, 74 style

The Citizen is a modern interpretation of the classic Belgian Pale Ale. First you will smell the fruity phenols produced by the Abbey yeast strain and then you will taste slightly sweet notes from the Carapils combined with other Belgian aromatic malts. This beer showcases malt sweetness before a moderately dry finish. These elements of the beer should pair well with the dessert that is to accompany it.

Summary: Brau has managed to create 20 beers (according to Beer Advocate) in the short year they have opened their brewery doors. They have collaborated with highly regarded brewers, bar owners, and brewed beer in honor of neighborhood events. To be frank, DC Brau is that tall drink of water that makes beer lovers’ hearts go pitter-patter. If you’re coming from out of town be sure to try The Corruption paired with Maine lobster pot stickers with pickled peppers and green garlic relish and The Citizen paired with rhubarb crisp with lavender honey.

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