You all probably remember that last year DCBeer made a top 25 list of beers not to miss at SAVOR. It was pretty well received (thanks for that!) and we’ll be releasing this year’s list mid-week.

But, we know that not everyone goes to SAVOR and this year the #DCBrews scene really upped the ante with all of the great SAVOR Week events. So here’s a list of our 10 beers not to miss this week. It was really, really, really hard to get this down to 10. The reality is that there’s probably close to 50 can’t-miss beers this week. These are 10 we really think are going to knock your socks off, though.

Remember to check out SAVOR Week 2012 page for all of the up-to-date events this week, and be sure to get out there and have an awesome time during SAVOR Week!

Oh, and since there are sure to be disputes about this list, go ahead and leave what you think are the can’t-miss beers of the week in the comments. I’ll go ahead and add mine that didn’t make the cut: Short’s Nicie Spicie, which will be at ChurchKey this Saturday for the Short’s Tap Takeover. Also, Mother Earth Brewing’s Windowpane Blackberry at the Black Squirrel on Thursday.