If you like Belgian beer, then Duvel Moortgat probably rolls right off your tongue. If it doesn’t, it should. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Go to the bathroom (we’re know you’re at work) and mouth to yourself “Duvel Moortgat” thrice into the mirror. Don’t worry, Bloody Mary isn’t going to come or steal your soul or anything.

Got the pronunciation down? No? Well that’s fine. The folks at Bourbon Adams Morgan will look past it in their infinite wisdom. This Thursday, May 24 starting at 5 pm, beers from the Duvel Moorgat portfolio that have not been available in the United States return and BourAdMo (see how we did that?) will celebrate their re-release along with some of their other beers that have made the gnome an icon of legend and deliciousness.

10 beers will be featured:
De Koninck Tripel d’Anvers
De Koninck Amber –
Liefmans Cuvee Brut
Chouffe Biere du Soleil
Maredsous Blonde
Maredsous Tripel
Houblon Chouffe
Ommegang Adoration
Ommegang Witte

$7 dollar drafts all night and prizes will be raffled at 8pm and then 11pm.

Pretty good deal, no? Seems tasty to me. Especially for the Maredsous Tripel. Hit that up.