There is nothing more American than Chimay. Seriously, look at this brewery, it’s only got three kinds of beer for sale to the public. One is red, one is white, the third is blue. It’s like George freaking Washington came back, opened a brewery, and decided to color code it according to the American fl-

Wait, what?
What’s that?
Chimay isn’t American?
It’s Belgian? Like, from Belgium?
Oh man. I am so embarrassed.

Uh, well, in that case, this event is less patriotic than I thought, but still just as awesome.

This Wednesday May 16 from 6pm-9pm, Bourbon Adams Morgan will host a Chimay Happy Hour with discounted Chimay bottles and drafts all night long.

From 6-9pm, Chimay Red and Blue 11.2 oz bottles will be just $7.  Chimay White will be on draft and just $6 all night long.

As if the prospect of getting all three Chimays for $20 (pre-tax and tip) wasn’t enough, a Chimay magnum bottle (1.5 liters of apparently Belgian-and-not-American beer) will be raffled off.  Raffle tickets will be given with each purchase of Chimay beer.

Get on over to Bourbon AdMo and take any geography/beer advice I give you with a grain of salt from now on.