Ah…Sierra Nevada, the classic American tale of entrepreneurial spirit and craftsmanship. With over a thousand startup breweries in planning, I tend to think they all need to have a little bit of the Sierra Nevada spirit in them to succeed.

On May 14, Del Ray Pizzeria is kick off American Beer Week with a huge seven course beer dinner featuring both new and old Sierra Nevada staples. Here’s the menu:

sliced brat, assorted cheeses

steamed summerfest shrimp, old bay horseradish aioli

carnitas tacos, pickled vegetables
pale ale


anaheim baby backs, black bean puree

poached pears, whipped creme fresh
jack & kens barleywinecoffee

syrup doughnut

Monday, May 14 at 7:30 pm. Tickets will be limited at $65 and are non-inclusive of tax and tip.

Visit  DelRayPizzeria.com for more information.