We here at DCBeer haven’t posted much about Lou’s City Bar since they debuted over a year ago; while we love what they do – a solid sports bar is a critical component of any self-respecting neighborhood – they’ve focused a bit more on DC’s fans than the beer obsessives we cater to (that means you, reader).

But Lou’s is now placing a stronger emphasis on craft.   To start, they hired a new beer director, Jace Gonnerman, who tells us that while Lou’s is “primarily known as a sports bar, [he’s] trying to make [it] known as a place to come enjoy some great craft beers as well.”   Amen to that.

On Thursday, May 3, Lou’s will host the release party for New Belgium’s Somersault, their summer seasonal.  It’s definitely easy-going, but with oats, apricots, and ginger root tossed in the mix, it’s anything but boring.  All day long, you can snag pints for just $4 a pop – and yes, that means from the minute doors open at 11:30 am.

Then at 5 p.m, Jace will be tapping 2012 La Folie and 2011 Kick as New Belgium’s own John Gartner talks beer with the crowd and gives out some New Belgium globe glassware.

And if all of that wonderful stuff’s still not enough for you,  I’m sure they’ll have a game on, too.