Since reading our interview with Burley Oak Brewing Company founder Bryan Brushmiller, you’ve doubtlessly been aching to try their many tasty beers.  Why oh why, you’ve said to yourself, must my [broken down car/hectic schedule/fear of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge] keep me from traveling three measly hours eastward to their Berlin, MD brewery?

Fret not!  DCBeer is proud to announce Burley Oak’s District debut; on Wednesday, May 2, you’ll have the chance to taste a bevy of their beers at two of DC’s best bars and even meet the brewer himself.

Starting at 5 pm, Dupont’s own Scion will begin pouring six different Burley Oak drafts – all night long, they’re just $5 a pop.  Bryan will be on hand to talk about his brews and whatever else strikes your fancy.

That very same day, Smoke and Barrel will have eight Burley Oak drafts running.  Around 7 pm, Bryan will make his way up to chat with the AdMo crowd.

So mark it in your calendar: May 2, you get to try a new brewery without leaving the comfort of your own District.  This is a one-off event, so you might not see Burley Oak in DC again for a while (fingers crossed for wider distribution).  And since you can only taste all of the beers on offer by hitting up both Scion and S&B, there’s no conceivable reason not to make a night of it.