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Although there is a huge variety of options for drinking craft beer in DC these days, sometimes it’s nice to have a spot that you frequent regularly. When you’ve got a “local,” you know what items on the menu are hidden treasures (and which should just be hidden). You know the staff, and they know you. Hell, you know where the bathroom is and don’t have to ask anybody to find it. Loyalty is so hard to come by these days and deserves to be rewarded. Well, enter Womply to do just that.

“Wait,” you ask, “who is Womply?” Well, my friend, Womply is a what, not a who. They’re a DC start-up that bills itself as a “local loyalty platform that offers cash rewards for visiting local merchants.” They’re currently partnered up with over 150 businesses in the city, including some great craft beer-focused venues.

Using Womply is as simple as visiting your favorite local merchants and paying your bill with your credit card. There’s nothing to print, scan, or stamp. Simply go to womply.com, sign up for an account, link any major credit card, and you’re done! Pay as you normally would at any venue that has signed up with Womply, and Womply will handle the rest! After your third visit, Womply will deposit your reward (which varies by venue) directly back onto your credit card.

Womply doesn’t cost you, the consumer, anything. You just need to link a credit card to your Womply account so Womply can track your visits and make sure you get rewarded. Are you a merchant who is interested in rewarding your loyal customers? You can find more information by visiting womply.com/merchants.


So what are the craft beer bars and restaurants in DC that you can get rewarded for visiting? Here’s just a partial list, but you can find a full list on Womply’s website:

So if you’ve got a spot that you frequent regularly and want to be rewarded for it, give Womply a try. You might think you couldn’t visit your local anymore than you do now, but you might find out that, with Womply, you’d be wrong.